Nov 1, 2013
Which is better at raw performance and power? Tegra 4 vs snapdragon 800. Note 3 has 3gb ram while nvidia shield has 2 gb ram.

The S800 appears to be more powerful, however the Shield is also a unique device with no competition with the same feature set.

If you want the features that Shield offers then you get that device, and if not you get something else like a Tablet or cellphone.

The S800 is apparently 28% more powerful, but would you rather have more frames per second, probably a higher res screen or the ability to have a compact gaming system with controllers and the ability to stream PC games (Kepler or greater GPU) to an HDTV.
I just noticed that all the tests were done at 1920x1080, however the Shield itself has a much lower resolution screen than what an S800 screen likely would so it's not quite an apples-to-apples comparison.

The Shield would likely produce the same number of FPS or possibly even more depending on the S800 screen resolution.

That's Android, and when it comes to the STREAMING function that's all rendered by the PC.


While we can't comment on emulators here, you're comparing two completely different devices. The Galaxy Note is a tablet, the Shield is a gaming console with tablet functions. If you want to play games you're better off getting the Shield. If you want to do other functions, get the Note.

Not sure what you mean.
Shield works two ways:
1) Streaming from your PC
2) Android for games on the Shield itself.

Only the Android games depend on the Shield's processing capabilities.

Again though, you are comparing two completely different products. The Shield has the disadvantage of a small, relatively low-res screen but the big advantage of the great controls and streaming capabilities.

Personally, I love the Shield concept but the screen is simply too low-res and small for me. You can simulate the screen on your own PC like this:
a) scaling on monitor (NVidia drivers)
b) map 1:1 pixels (monitor settings)
c) set screen resolution to 1280x720 (should now have BLACK BARS around all edges with an actual 1280x720 pixels)

d) hold a RULER out at the same distance you'd hold the Shield, then move your entire body until the viewable diagonal matches 5"

Now you can see what the screen looks like. Try running a few different games. Some like SKRYIM are okay, but others don't look very good at 1280x720. For me, dropping from a 2560x1440 screen it was just too much (plus I have no need for local streaming).