Occaisional 'click' sound from new speakers


Nov 28, 2010
Hey all!

I've recently put a new 5.1 system of speakers on my computer, and every now and then there is a 'click' sound which sounds to me like it is coming from the speaker itself, not the computer (ie. not from any programs running)

Until now, I'd been using standard 2 desktop speakers, and before that I had a monitor with built-in speakers, but this has only started since the new speakers were used. I've tried changing back to the old speakers, and the click disappears.

The click comes every now and then, and nothing specific seems to create it.

Does anyone have any ideas on what it is and how to get rid of it?



the click sound is a windows sound effect. it occurs when something is operating in the background.
you can click start, control panel, and access the themes sound effects. each sound effect can be turned on or off.
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