Solved! Ohms Matching Help!

Nov 4, 2018

I have an Average Series RX 1040 AVR with PSB x2t towers speakers (rated 8 ohms) + SVS PB 1000 sub. Usually use it for home theatre and music at Vol/ DB going as high as -4 DB (Max is +16, never want to go that far!). Both the avr and the speakers are rated 8ohms so no issues so far.

I was wanting to connect the ELACs B5 bookshelf speakers (rated 6 ohms) on the surround channels of the AVR. However as the elac B5 speakers are rated 6 ohms, had few questions:

1. Can i keep the avr at 8 ohms speaker impedance setting and run the 6 ohms speakers? Will this cause any damage to either the speaker or more importantly the avr?

2. Should I change the avr speaker impedance setting to 6 ohms (to match the B5 speakers) while still running the 8 ohms (PSB towers)? I.e. Is it ok to run 8 ohms rated speakers with the avr speaker impedance "set" to 6 ohms?

3. Which is the safest combination for both AVR and the 6 & 8 ohms speakers?

Any help will be really appreciated!!

Thanks :)

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1. You probably can leave the setting at 8 ohm and run the 6 ohm speakers as rears. The amps are rated to work into 4 ohms.
2. The owners manual says to set it to 6ohm when you connect 6 ohm speakers so it would do that.
3. 6 ohm would be the safe setting to use. It is fine to use 8 and 6 ohm speakers together.
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