Question Old dvd connected to the phone/laptop problem

Dec 4, 2019
Hello. Ive been trying to connect my laptop or phone to an old dvd player, i bought av/aux cable (red and white with aux) and when i connect it, i hear a very silent hiss sound, and when i play music, theres only that hiss sound, it shows on my phone that the music is playing, but all i hear is that small hiss sound, nothing works. That dvd has aux and usb. When i play music through usb, everything is perfect, and when i press USB button on the remote, it shows on the screen that its usb mode. When i press AUX, it doesnt show on the screen that its aux, it says "scart", and when i play, its just the hissing sound. Tried on two different laptops, and three different phones, it dont work, usb works perfect. What is the problem?
The "AV" port of this receiver is an video output port only, aka "component video output".
The Y, Pb, Pr connections can offer better quality image/video to the TV than scart, but no audio will be transmitted via these ports. There is a little switch besides scart and component video, with which you can select the video output between the scart and component port

Only USB is usable as input and because of its age, it only supports USB memory with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted. Only MP3, WMA, jpeg, and some movie (not specified) files can be played via this port.

No digital cameras or phones are supported.

Have a look at the manual on page 8:,&dl