Old Home Theater System with Smart TV


Dec 9, 2017
I have a Nakamichi SoundSpace 10 Home theater system and an Aquos Sharp 4K Tv and am wondering how to have the TV audio play through the home theater system.


Dec 9, 2017

Digital Inputs for the home theater read: Coaxial 1,coaxial 2, optical 1, optical 2,
There is also a Y,CB,CA
As for the tv: there is a Video 1 with three component cable, Video 2 with three component cable, a Y,CB,CA, and a 3.5 mm stereo.
As of right now I have the Y CB CA connected on both as stated in the manual. When I switch to that input on my tv, the home theater pops up and I can play cds and play the radio.
I want the home theater to be played when I am watching Hulu or Netflix or a dvd from my blu ray player.
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