OLED vs QLED TVs: I test both and here’s the 3 things you should know


Apr 12, 2012
Problems in trying to upgrade from a 4-series 65" TCL ROKU TV (65S425), purchased 3 years ago. That TV still works great; I just wanted to see if I can get a better TV/picture. It is a ROKU, so THERE IS that. (Decided that China was the enemy a year or so ago, and I now am ashamed that, as a patriot, I have to admit that the 65' TCL ROKU in the living room replaced a similar 55' TCL ROKU 4-series from 2018 that went into my master bedroom, and my wife bought a 43' TCL ROKU in 2019 for one guest bedroom and a ROKU Ultra stick for the tiny very old Sony Bravia 26" from 'way, way back.' So, I guess that makes me a "TCL Fan-Boy!" Well, I am looking at OLED and QLED and mini-Led, etc. to see what I can get that's new and at an affordable price, BUT! And here's the issues (besides hating (CCP) TCL ROKUs that I have all over the place), first, I need to have 'private listening' like I have with the living room and master bedroom TCL ROKUs - so I can listen to music and shows without disturbing my wife, or guests. Second, I subscribe to the Metropolitan Opera's MET On Demand service, and while it is available with ROKU and maybe with Apple OS, and Samsung's OS, it does not seem to be available with WebOS (Lg's OS) and therefore LG products seem to be not possible. I guess I can deal with the OSs and MET On Demand app availability. Does anyone else have anything like ROKU's 'private listening' capability - using an Enhanced ROKU Remote or the iPhone ROKU App to turn off TV sound and bluetooth-it to my Bose QC 35 or QC 43 or ear buds? Thanks for attention if anyone has answers.