Onboard Audio Not Working with Sound Card


Dec 20, 2015
As the title says, I recently built a new PC and I have the Xonar DG sound card to go with my logitech speakers. I also bought a TeckNet 7.1 gaming headphones to use at night and it connects to my pc via usb. The problem is my onboard audio doesn't seem to work with my soundcard, the front panel cable is connected to the mobo but when I check in playback devices my onboard audio devices are reported as not plugged in.

Because of this the headphones are not recognized and it is also reported as not plugged in. I have installed the headphones drivers and it lights up everytime its connected to my PC so the problem seems come from the onboard audio. I am open for any suggestions and I plan to try the onboard without the sound card connected to the system.

Update: So after disconnecting my sound card, I still have a number of devices listed as not plugged in mainly from my GPU and Monitor it seems. The headphones are still listed as not plugged in as well. The is joke when I decided to play music, the sound was coming from my headphones and under playback devices it was listed as Speakers (Usb PnP Sound Device).


Do you have the speaker icon on your screen - probably lower right edge? Right click it and go through the options available. You may have missed a selection.

Double check your internal wiring especially audio connections. All too easy to get something mixed up.

Get the motherboard and sound card manuals and see if your wiring scheme matches what is needed. You may or may not need some internal "jumper wires" to get the connections recognized.



Dec 20, 2015

I've managed to solve the problem by connecting the front audio panel back in the motherboard, plus my sound card back in its slot. There are other audio devices still listed as not plugged in but those belong to the GPU and monitor.
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