Solved! Onkyo TX-RZ710 NOT Upscaling

Dec 11, 2019
Newbie/First post. I have a 4k Vizio M65 connected to a Onkyo TX-RZ710 which I've been very happy with for the last 2 years. So I'm watching TV one night & the screen goes completely black. I try to change channels and nothing, just a black screen. I pick-up the Vizio remote & select the "INFO" button & in the rectangular box
that shows input (1080p, 2160p) is blank. I do some basic troubleshooting removing the Onkyo & the Xfinity box and since the Vizio is WiFi I go to a Amazon Prime 4k
show and the picture is indeed 4k selecting "INFO" on the Vizio remote. I find the problem is with the Onkyo RZ710. When I replaced my old 1080p monitor with the 4k
Vizio, I selected 1080p -> 4k Upscaling on the Onkyo RZ-710 so the receiver would "Upscale" any 1080p programming through the Comcast/Xfinity box. SO, if I change the 4k Upscaling selection to "OFF" all works fine EXCEPT no 4k. Off means 1080p or less. SO, I call the Onkyo support line & the guy tells me the 4k logic is toast. (We already knew that.) SO I'm in Georgia & the support guy tells me I have to send the unit to a repair facility in Florida. (Lakes Electronics has the worst customer service & I question the expertise because when I told the bench tech the problem he was unfamiliar with 4k Upscaling.) SO, after 3 months I get the Onkyo TX-RZ710 back. If you guessed it was NOT repaired, you would be correct. SO, I'm talking to Onkyo support again & they said they would get back to me!!!!

Any ideas?
The TV will upscale a 1080 input to 4k. The info indicates the source resolution so the result is the same unless the upscaling in the Onkyo is better than the upscaling in the TV.
Your only option is to go through Onkyo. Since it took so long for them to "repair" the receiver I would insist on a replacement unit but you may have to give them another shot at repairing it before they will do that.
If you do send it for repair I would suggest you use these guys
I have had good results from them and they are authorized for Onkyo.
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