Onkyo TX-SR703 has no sound after switching source.


Oct 23, 2017
My Onkyo TX-SR703 (bought c2004), shuts down after the source of audio is switched or audio setting/type is changed on the unit AND also when the source is switched on TV which is plugged into the Onkyo TX-SR703 digital optical audio input.

Onkyo powers back on everytime after powering off for several minutes.

I believe the Onkyo just factory reset itself too. Custom names for audio inputs just got erased.

My guess is the component for audio type is bad OR maybe there is a memory battery inside the unit which needs replacing.

I'd like to replace the unit as it's missing many current day features like HMDI and ARC, however, if it worked it appears to still be worth $100 on eBay.

Any advice before I attempt a random fix heating of components heat gun and try to find battery unit.
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