only one speaker of a headset working on wired?


Feb 1, 2016
So, this is kind of a weird thing that is happening to me now. So the headset that I have is an august EP650. And the problem is that when I use wireless, both of the speakers work. But on wired, only one speaker is working. And that's the right one. I tried other wires that I know are not bad wires. What should I do to make it for both to work on wired again?


1) Does it work properly on other devices? (wired of course)
2) Are you 100% sure that it's in the jack all the way in? (completely flush, metal to metal)

If 1 is "no" and 2 is "yes", the headphone cable/ internal jack (if removable cable and no alternative cables work) is broken and you'll need to repair/replace the headphones.
If 1 is "yes", most likely 2 is "no", and you just have bad contact (especially if you use apple products). If by some rare chance it is actually 1 and 2 being "yes", check that source with a different headphone/speaker. If other headphones work, most likely 2 is actually "no" and you should check with another cable, but if they don't, your output jack may be broken.
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