Only one speaker working


Mar 29, 2016
When i go to the realtek menager and set the amplifier setting to auto switch only the left speak works and when i set it to front panel only the right speaker works.
I tested the speakers on the laptop and on my mobile and they work fine there. Old speakers do the same on this PC. I have z97a asus motherboard if that helps somehow. I messed around with the windows settings and it didnt help, i tried to reinstall the driver and that didnt help too. I tried to switch the cables from the speakers that go in the buffer that didnt help too. I tried to mess with the balance too.

If you have any suggestion please reply, thanks!

Edit: When i go in sound> configure speakers and do a test on quadraphonic both of the speakers work but only in the test ( I have 2.1 speakers), even if i choose it as quadraphonic one stops working right after i exit the test.