News OpenAI dropped new Sora videos — and they have to be seen to be believed

Mar 5, 2024
Zero recognition of interior spaces matching the exterior space sizes, flies through door frame, arrangement of displays is random, cluttered, looks like garbage, humans are inconsistent in size and shape, paintings are of mostly nothing, statues are deformed.

You are in such a race to hype up AI garbage that you don't even look at it. That video was "hollywood production?" Give me a break with your hyperbolic nonsense. This non-critical "journalism" which is just fan boy hype disguised as an article, is the exact reason you all are getting fired and replaced by AI left and right. Anybody, and any*thing* could write this rubbish.

AI is *sooooo* great, it's going to save the world, and the visionaries who created it are starting with, checks notes: Destroying Art.
Great. What a revolution in safety and medical research destroying art is going to give us. What a bunch of zero talent losers trying to steal the ability to make whatever they want because they're tired of being talentless, uncreative hacks.
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