Over Ear Headphones


Jul 6, 2016

I am currently running Sony MDR-V55's as my daily headphones for music when I go out for a walk or something. I am not an audophile by any means. I have merely witnessed the greatness from upgrading from a basic ear bud that comes with most phones to actually investing in headphones. I like the sound from the Sony's but am not big on the build. I use them on my phone most of the time. I use a Kingston HyperX Cloud on my computer. Basically I am looking for some headphones to fit my needs and not break the budget. Let's say 100$. What I need:

Short cable (no 10 feet cable pls)
Over Ear design (if possible not ugly looking)
Decent sound (as decent as it gets considering I will be playing music via phone)
No (significant) leakage in our out as I like to zone in while commuting

Thank you very much in advance to anyone who reads!