Question Pairing Yamaha receiver with wireless speakers

Jul 31, 2019
I'm looking to buy first part of a multi-room audio system. Our primary inputs are DAB radio and Spotify.

I think my best bet is to pair a Yamaha RN303D + wireless speaker also in musiccast ecosystem (cheaper than Sonos)

  • What you think of proposed solution/would you recommend a different setup?
  • With RN303D + wireless speaker like MusicCast 50 would there be any steps I'd have to do (like opening an app etc) between switching it on and then hearing audio out of wireless speaker? Ideally I want it to work exactly as if I've got passive speakers wired into the RN303D but without the wires!
  • Is this massive overkill for essentially being able to listen to a radio+spotify?
If you don't intend to use wired speakers at all then I would say that it is overkill. You would need to use the app to control the Yamaha and to which speakers is sends audio. I don't know if you would be able to send different content to different rooms either (check the Yamaha manual)
You could use an amazon echo connect as a source for any powered speakers (or an Echo Dot or speaker where lower fidelity is OK). Now you have app and voice control with the option of same or different content playing.
Sonos will give you a better user experience. The app is well developed and works with Alexa. Sometimes you pay more and get more.
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