Question People that are knowledgeable on sound and headphones!

Apr 1, 2020
Hi. I would like to explain this weird sound problems I been going through for a couple of months now. First it all started with my razer tiamat v1, after 2 years of using it the sound began to fail and I stated hearing constant crackling when it comes to some music like piano for one. Anyways I then bought another headphones I heard so much about, the audio Technica m50x, had it for about a week and it was very irritating with how much sound it makes every time I move my head with popping and creaking

After that I bought yet another headphones, the sony mdr-1am2, this one turned out to be a good one with no unnecessary noises, however after a few weeks I started to notice something new and this is my main question here in some of the stuff.., I should note I mostly watch movies/anime etc, some of the stuff I watch you randomly get these popping sounds it’s mostly when someone is talking and there is background music, keep in mind it doesn’t happen all the time though. I did however try different headphones on the same video and I still get this popping which lead me to believe the file is the issue, then I tried using a different file this time a BD disk and I still get the same thing, like it’s not a big deal but why does this happen?


Bit hard to know what you are hearing without actually hearing it, maybe it's your sound card or you played around with settings a bit. Is everything on defaults? Since this cracking and noise seems to have happened with all 3 headphones, seems the issue is with what you connect them to.
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