Phantom mic


Jan 26, 2009
i'm having trouble at our church with the phantom power mic. i can't seem to get any volume out of it. if i turn it up it just seems to squeel and i've adjusted the equilizer a couple of times and it still squeels before i get volume. it worked great a couple of moths age but has slowly gotten worse. i've tried different cords and all of our non-phantom mics work well. do phantom mics go bad or could our phantom power be going bad in the board? Is there a way to test this or am i looking at this wrong?


Mar 17, 2006
Phantom Mic is high sensitive microphone and I never seen one that gone bad but that I guess relates to handling and pre-causions.

Mic should not be close to speakers or it'll generate feed back from the speaker, proper volume control should be apply to the speakers and to the mic mixer to get optimum performance.

Check your tone control, try to elimanate other sources of audio first when testing the mic in question. Gradually adjust volume of the speaker/s with the mic level set at 35% then increses till it'll squeel. Then turn speaker level down till no more squeel. Do the same test on the mic this time introduce voice to the mic.

If all test fail then try using other mics and compare. Try other wires as well and try not using extension. Check your mic mixer other controls, posible controls was set un-notice.
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