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We are in the process of setting up an entirely NEW TYPE of ‘High
Resolution-High Volume' royalty free stock photo website. The site
will be launched on or before March 1st.

You retain ownership of the copyright to all of your images PLUS, you
name and contact information will be displayed next to each of your
images…if you so wish. This will generate more business for you
direct from the photo buyers.

We have thousands of images from our previous website, but we need
another 40,000 to 50,000 for the new site.

We don't accept just anyone. Your work must be approved before you
are permitted to submit images.

Please go to: where you can see what
we are doing. You will also be able to submit three images for us to

Submissions can be on any topic (NO PORN and NO CELEBRITY images)
glamour and semi-nude images that are of very high quality are
welcome. And yes, we accept black & white images.

We are in need of photographers from EUROPE and ASIA.

Thank you,

William Hansen


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And you are based where?
Under whose jurisdication do you fall under?

Define Pornographic? Under whose law? What's acceptable in some countries
isn't in others.

Semi-Nude and Glamour are acceptable, in some countries that is regarded as
porn you dimwit.

What creditials do you have are you a member of any recongised trade body?

oh yeah.....sod off.

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> Hello,


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Wouldn't it be simpler if we just sent you our bank account access