Picking A College Laptop


Apr 19, 2016
I am planning to get a laptop for college and I have a really hard time picking a laptop. I have I choice between five laptops. The YOGA 910, HP SPECTRE X360(KABY LAKE), LENOVO YOGA 710, DELL XPS 13 or the LENOVO X1 CARBON. I want a laptop that I can use for at least 2-3 years, easy to upgrade and fix if something gets broken after some years.
Are we to assume that price is no object? If so, get them all! ...If not, then the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is likely to be easier to upgrade.

The HP Spectre is the head-turner par excellence (and my personal favourite), closely followed by the less expensive Yogas. The Dell is the proverbial wolf in an Armani suit.

If you could provide some more details on the laptops, or links to your preferred retailer, I'd be able to offer a more serious analysis.