Question Pioneer Elite VSX-LX103 not selecting "digital" with TV input


Jun 25, 2014
Hi everyone,

I just bought the LX103, and it's working perfect with my BluRay and my record player. However, it's not reading the digital optical audio TV input. I'm using my PC to output audio thru a digital optical cable; I know my PC's working 'cuz I'm using headphones right now (driver's updated, sound works, etc.) But for whatever reason, the PC output going into the LX103 digital optical input isn't being read. The LX103 display when on TV input is not displaying the "digital" indication.

I'm totally confused, because my headphones are outputting my PC's sound and the LX103 is reading my other 2 inputs perfectly. I've already gone through the home setup screen of the LX103, selecting Optical for the TV input. I've tried changing Optical to the other inputs, but none will read the optical in (the display in front does not show "digital" for any input selection.)

Anyone know what's going on??
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