Pioneer VSX-45 Set Up. Please help!


Sep 16, 2015
I recently purchased a Pioneer VSX-45, 2 Martin & Logan motion 4 speakers, and a Bowers & Wilkins ASW-610 subwoofer. I am currently using my PS3 for blurays and cannot get any sound out of it. I calibrated the receiver, the 2 front speakrs have sound, but it does not register the subwoofer. Can anyone provide any help or advice? I have reached my breaking point


Hey there,

I'm short on time here so I don't have time to look through the Pioneer manual right now so I can't give specific directions but I'll get the ball rolling.

First thing, we need to make sure the sub is working. In your settings, make sure your speakers are set to "small" and that the crossover is set to 80Hz for the L/R. If your speakers are set to "large", unless you actually have LFE content, the sub won't be playing.

And just to make sure, you have your sub connected via coax...or RCA terminate wire can work too, connected to sub out 1 on the Pioneer then to Line In on the sub, usually the Left channel.

For the PS3, you should at least be getting 2 channel audio. I'd say try a different HDMI cable to make sure the one you are using isn't defective. I know I had trouble getting what I wanted with my PS3, but I thought I at least had left/right, but maybe not. In the PS3 settings, there's a place where you can tell it what formats the AVR can use, pick manual and then check all the ones that it can. If you can't find it (I don't think it's in the main audio section), when I get back I'll look it up with mine.