Pioneer VSX-820 audio hitching


Aug 10, 2013
I have a pioneer vsx-820 with 5.1 hooked up to my desktop. I have meters going and no ram or cpu overwork happening. Just today it developed a stuttering problem where i play things in itunes and vlc and the audio just blinks out for .5-1.5 seconds as often as every 30 seconds. Noticed my receiver was hot so cooled it with a fan and still while fan cooled it is skipping. some surround modes the icon blinks out as the audio does (PLII) while on other modes the Adv. S icon never bli9nks while the audio does. receiver is about 3 years old. any ideas or is it just bones?

Running off hdmi out of a R7870
The blinking indicator on the receiver was showing you that the problem was the PC since this indicates what is being input into the receiver. HDMI can be very tricky and the new drivers seem to have solved the problem for you.