Question Play some videos, won’t play others

Nov 30, 2019
Here is something that started recently. Unsure if it started directly with last upgrade or not. I have a 6 th generation IPad. Model MR7G2LL/A . Software 13.2.3. 32G with 20.52G available. I am involved in this online course. All videos could be played. I did this last update. BeforeI could play all modules about 18 of them with about14 vids each . Now I can only play like the 1st two modules, then can’t play the next 8 modules, then play the rest of the modules. I have tried rebooting, changing browsers, turning pop ups on and off yet I can’t see the other videos. They just keep loading. The circle keeps spinning. On my iPhone I can see all the videos. Does anyone have any ideas? #videoswontplay #loadingwontplay


I tried that already with the cache and things. Safari, firefox, chrome, brave, etc it reacted the same to all
Then only thing you can do is contact this web training company and see what their support tells you. Unless you want to reset your iPad to factory defaults and test it then, then run the update and test it after that to see if it's the update that breaks it. Either way, you will need tech support from Apple and/or the company that you are using for those videos.