Play TVs sound through surround sound ? Lg s/sound unit and lg 4K tv but can't get the TVs sound through s/sound unit. It wor


Jan 1, 2016
Play TVs sound through surround sound ? Lg s/sound unit and lg 4K tv but can't get the TVs sound through s/sound unit. It works for DVDs but not normal TVs sound
yet another thread where no details are given...

if you want a correct answer regarding your specific scenario you really need to provide model numbers for the equipment involved as well as describing what you have hooked up, otherwise we can only offer generic advise which may not be of help.

now i am assuming that you have one of those cheap home theater in a box (htib) type setups with an integrated dvd player. of course dvd will always work with such systems as its built in. however, as far as aux sources of audio are concerned it can be very hit and miss. some support 2.0 input, some support 5.1 it really depends on the model.

generally these are your options for connecting to get audio between the two... depending on what your devices support of course
-hdmi(arc) input on tv to hdmi(arc)output on sound system. this allows sound to flow back to the speaker system from tv (audio return channel) if supported.
-3.5mm headphone/aux out jack on tv to a 3.5mm headphone input (or rca red/white) input on sound system. this allows 2.0 sound. similarly rca to rca from tv to sound system is the same.
-optical output of tv to optical input on sound system. this can vary from 2.0 to 5.1 depending on what is supported.
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