Question Please help me choose or suggest some headphones

Feb 26, 2020
Hi all, as mentioned in the title.
I'm looking to buy a headphone with (in order of importance):
-Budget $150 ish (the cheaper the better)
-Comfort with minimum heat build-up
-Good sound and build quality
-Decent passive noise cancelation
-Big or large ear cups and depth(?), as a reference point WH1000XM2 is a bit small for my ears.
The main use would be for movie/gaming (non-competitive), and music.
The selections for me are HD 569, ATH M50X wireless, MDR 1AM2.
Thanks in advance!
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Of those 3 I would probably go with the M50X but that is all based on personal preference of course.

Your desire for closed headphone for sound isolation and less heat build up won't work together very well, for good long term comfort the best ones are open headphones, which will leak sound. I think of my headphones the ones I can wear the longest are the Philips SHP9500, open, large pads, light.
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