Plex Home Theatre freezes when playing any video


Dec 30, 2014
I have a backend server running winows 7 with an Intel Celeron G1840 @ 2.8GHz. This houses all of my movies which have been synced to corresponding libraries in the Plex Server.

My front end HTPC is running windows 10 with an Intel Core i5-4590s @ 3.00GHz. Here i downloaded the Plex Home Theatre application.

The two machines are on the same network and file sharing. All the libraries in my server show up in PHT. The problem is whenever i click "play" for any movie it freezes up on me right away. I checked the CPU and processes on the server but see no issues. I know all the transcoding takes place on the Plex server but seems to be getting hosed up somewhere.

Any thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated.
Could be that the Plex Home Theatre application did not install completely or there is some default setting causing things to go astray.

However, take a look at the Event Viewer Logs on both systems. Look for warnings or errors corresponding to just before or at the time of the freeze.

You can right click on an entry for more details.

Reason for checking both systems is that it could be a communication problem between them....