Poor sound from speakers


Oct 8, 2013
Hi all, I really need some help with my speakers and amp,
I have 2 180w speakers in my ceiling there being drivin from a 500w amp with is connected to my lg smart tv via the head fone jack, using 3mm jack to phono leads, problem is there not much bass, voice sound is grand but there's no great bass sound, am I doing something wrong?

Thank u for your time



could you provide some information on the speakers.
What diameter are they ?
The actual round metal speaker unit,are they mounted in a box or directly mounted in the ceiling.
I ask this because the diameter of the speaker is important to the bass response but even more importantly no speaker will produce decent bass response unless fitted into an accoustically designed box.


yeah,diameter wise they are a decent size for bass response.
I don't understand the invaded in plastic bit,but if you have access to the back of the speaker and are handy with woodwork then if you could make a box to fit over the back the speaker it could improve the bass response .
for best results the ratio of the dimensions of the box should be 1:1.6:0.6. and should be airtight.