Popcorn Hour Buyer BEWARE!


Feb 27, 2009
Hi I want to actively make people aware of how dangerous it is to purchase this POPCORN hour media player online,

Below are extracts of my experience after ordering the A110N and then their poor ass reply.
I recommend WDTV which is half the price and less painful for the non wifi experience.

My email
Hi Jason,

I hope this reaches the correct people do expect a call back regarding this issue from a higher management. I hope you still realise that the phase "the customer is always right" should always apply.

Hi, I am bloody unhappy customer, I order this product nearly a month ago. And after such length google checkout process I finally get yet another obstacle that stops me from getting this product.

Please refer to the attachments, both of my order and UPS shipping information.

I had a call about 2 weeks ago from UPS that A110 is unable to be posted out, this is due now to the additional USB wifi card I ordered with this product.

I have spoken to your technician / sales guy Jason and he is fully aware that Malaysia has a monopoly on these cards and whatever product that comes in with a USB wifi card will be stopped. And a government import permit is required (in another words huge fine of 300 ringgit) is required before this product is released.

I have been between calls from UPS and Sirim both which I have to call 9 times a day before i speak to someone or stretching from days at a time to handle this issue. I am furious about that but what makes matters worse is.

Your company is in Malaysia it knowingly knows about this proceedure with USB wifi adapters yet it did nothing when I clicked and added this accessorie. Jason tells me you disclaim all responsiblity from DUTY on your website before ordering. Is this proper practice when you know issues will occur such as mine. What if tomorrow another unknown consumer does the same and he faces the same issues as me. Is this the kind of customer service traits you wish to display. To have unhappy customers such as myself calling up and barranging yourself and you just disclaim yourselves and pass on the cost to the consumer.

My only risk was to buy your product. Your risk is to ship the product to me successfully, that has failed. Now your company passes the buck to me. The frieght transport back to China I would have to bare. How is this at all professional.

Instead of passing the buck I feel we both should share this responsiblity. If I had know the information your company knew about the usb wifi adapter then I wouldnt have added that option. That risk would have been mine and I would be more than accepting of this circumstances now.

To Chinese reputation is very important. I was thinking of marketing your product here, and doing some business with it. But this experience has made me lose total confidence in your product.

You have a duty as a firm with reptuation to make the consumer aware if possible.

If I see no reply to this email from someone higher than Jason, I will make other consumers aware and to beware of your product. And that your proceedure is to pass the buck. Instead of sharing the responsiblity and assisting like good companies should.

From your unhappiest customer

Low Chung Boon

Popcorn Hour reply to my email

We would like to note you that Jason note you that possible USB Wireless
adapter will be unable do the custom clearance Malaysia is his own opinion
because based on his own malaysian experience who purchased item from
online ship. So there are possible risk that need to be take care of when
place the order.

Also we have some customers who place the A-110 + WN-100 order are
received it without problem because they might asking their own forwarder
to pickup and the forwarder might have good relationship with local custom
to do the custom clearance.

We also have a lot users which different country that have their own
custom issue, we just cannot simply stated in our main website that listed
what country may have problem, its not our procedure. We already listed in
http://support.popcornhour.com/article.aspx?ID=1015 that which courier
service for which country, all these courier are suggested widely from our
users. You may refer to www.networkedmediatank.com to check whether
possible other Malaysia users have this type of problem.

We already asking UPS to come out a solution whether the A-110 can be
remove from the package and if cannot be we will ask UPS to return back to
China. $250 sure can refund to you for the return freight charges we will
ask UPS to give us a discount for it and it could be possible responsibile
by customer.


The Popcorn Hour Sales Team

Will you take the risk to buy this product ? No matter if reviews are good ?

They will pass the buck onto you if any problems occur.
They will wipe their hands clean if any issues occur with shipping.
They will knowingly keep information from you about duty in your country.

A recent update, they now want me to pay 450 bucks for the Sirim permit or 300 to send the product back to China.
Syabas are robbers I want to file a complaint.

This is the most unethical company, I dont care how good their product is. They dont care if the product reaches you.


Jan 1, 2010
I think we will be seeing more complaints about Popcorn Hour's support. My C-200 which was supposed to be a Christmas present was virtually D.O.A. They agreed to have it back to me in time for Christmas if I could have it delivered to them by Friday. (They said this late on a Wednesday Afternoon) but it would have to be shipped at my expense.

My expense to ship their defective unit; Are they out of their minds? Next day air was out of the question financially, so I shipped ground, which still cost me $20.97. After thinking about it, I sent an e-mail telling them to keep the unit, and that I wanted a refund. The refund order was sent by them to Google Checkout; however Popcorn Hour did not return my entire purchase amount. They are making me pay for the original shipping.

So now I have nothing except a loss of $50.00 in shipping charges because they sent a bad unit. Keep this in mind before you buy from them. I have never purchased anything from any reputable company that would not be fully refunded if the product was defective.

Indidentally, they never responded to a note sent with the return package, they never returned a phone call, and they never responded to two e-mails that were sent. They were very fast to respond when I was considering a purchase, but after purchase, they could care less!!!


Feb 27, 2009
Gacleader1 I finally got my refund minus the shipping price which cost me $300 Malaysian Ringgit for nothing. They basically blackmailed me into taking that deal. Or let the product sit there in customs. I've never dealt with more immoral people in my life.
My advise to you and anyone else looking at buying Popcorn hour product is PLAYONHD (www.playonhd.com).
Its created by people who know what media player should be. I'll gladly give free advertising after owning one of these. Its the best investment and their wifi dongles only cost me a mere $45 USD.

I advise you to complain to Google as well, I really hope enough people complain and Google finds it in them to drop them.

Buyers please remember once your payment transaction with Popcorn Hour is cleared they don't give a S$#@ if you receive your product without extra cost or working order. Buy at your own risk.


Apr 7, 2013
I received a defective popcorn hour media jukebox which I returned to Popcorn Hour. They won't pay return shipping and they accessed a 15% restocking fee because the box was damaged during shipping. After the fees and the shipping cost in both directions, I essentially paid almost $100 for a defective item that I had to return. I just can't believe how unreasonable this company was to deal with. Some of the other reviews indicate this a good product. A working product may be good but the company is not. I would recommend Dune instead.