Power adapter question


Oct 26, 2013
Greetings people.My name is Greg and i own a Dell Inspiron 1545.
The last couple of days my power adapter cable has been "eaten out" meaning that from the excessive pressure while it formed an angle it eventually got partially cut.Now i have to push really hard at that cut-out point so i can get a good "wire-contact" and so my laptop will power up.My friend has a HP laptop. I tried his power adapter and it worked fine,but i got a warning at my screen.I made this thread in order to know if it is safe for my laptop to use that specific HP cable.
My Dell Laptop has input: 19.5V and a range 3.34A-4.62A
My Dell power adapter has output 19.5V and 3.34A
My friend's HP power adapter has output 19V and 4.74A

Will my Dell Laptop work fine with the HP power adapter?
My battery is dead so i dont really care about it.

Thank you.