PowerShare Patch — A blessing for Kodak Share Button App users


Jan 29, 2013
Jailbreak! Get the Free patch for your Kodak Camera now.

Kodak has announced the closure of the digital camera department and related software support is no longer available. But we as enthusiastic fans of Kodak cameras, hereby declare unilaterally: we will take over the job to support Kodak digital camera software and make improvements.

The latest Kodak camera software is Share Button App v4.5 which cuts off all SNS sites except Facebook. How can a camera be called "EasyShare" without support of uploading to YouTube or Flickr? So we come to this decision that a free patch should be made for Share Button App so that Kodak camera users can continue to share photos and videos to their favorite sites.

(Phase I)Today we'll bring you our first patch for Kodak Share Button App v4.5. This jailbreak patch named "PowerShare Patch for Kodak Share Button App v4.5" will reopen your capability of uploading your photos from EasyShare Camera to such sites as cvsphoto, Flickr, Orkut, Tweetphoto, Walmart_usa, Yandex, Youtube, etc.

(Phase II)Later we will add more and more SNS sites so that your older models can embrace latest online photo service and newer models can have support of all SNS sites.

Visit www.kodakfans.com to download the Powershare Patch for Kodak Share Button App v4.5 and enjoy it now!
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