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    Solved! How or can I use my HP Chromebook as a screen monitor for my Kodak PIXPRO AZ401

    I am new to video making and I just purchased a HP Chromebook touchscreen and also a Kodak PIXPRO AZ401 and will be using it for makeup tutorials. My HP Chromebook has a front camera and it says HD but the resolution is not so great. Please can anyone help me or point me in the right...
  2. B

    Solved! Kodak PIXPRO fz43 video wont show on my computer

    I just purchased a kodak pixpro fz43 digital camera & when i try to view a video that i took with my camera on my laptop it shows up black, the audio plays but the video is somehow black. How do i fix this?
  3. D

    Solved! kodak internal memory full want to delete all pictures

    kodal camera easysharem583 will not delete the internal pictures how can i delete them
  4. D

    Solved! kodak easy share camers

    I have a Kodak easy share z1285 camera I took picture without the sd card inserted how do I get the pictures of the internal memory
  5. A

    usb cable for Kodak Easyshare Z710

    Hello, I have a Kodak Easyshare Z710. There is a lid on the side that opens to a SD card slot and what appears to be a USB connector. However it appears to be too small to be a Mini or Micro USB connector. The shape is sort of rectangular similar to a usb b type however it's smaller in size...
  6. J

    Sd card kodak

    I have a kodak easyshare DX6490. That will not format my new sd card 16gb. I have also formatted it on my laptop and tried it still went work. Could there be something wrong with the camera???
  7. D

    I rest Kodak camera an it came up 3 red li.es

    It says memory is full and I have put a sd card in
  8. M

    Sdxc card won’t format to my Kodak AZ252

    I bought a new Kodak AZ252 pixpro camera. My sdxc card keeps saying it’s not formatted to my camera. HELP PLEASE!!!
  9. D

    Kodak digital camera c743

    How to pause video recording and resume another clip ?
  10. D

    Fixing an SD card memory

    I have a Nikon coolpix L30 camera. I am using a Kodak 256 SD card. I can only take about 50 pictures and the memory card is full. Is the SD card some how locked/protected mode. I would like to know if there are more pics on there and what I can do to have more memory for taking more than...
  11. D

    Kodak Z760--- no pic !

    The above, when turned on shows a black preview screen with the normal blue brackets.When triggered I get a black picture instead of an exposure. Is there a fix???
  12. T

    I have to format my sd card every time my camera turns off

    I have a Kodak pixPro. Brand New
  13. J

    need windows 10 driver for C-183 Kodak Camera

    Need Kodak C-183 software for windows 10
  14. B

    Kodak M530 share

    Still looking for solution to erasing internal memory on camera. Followed instructions given still not working. Bought 3 new cards no success. Ruined vac no pics. Pl help
  15. J

    Kodak M1093IS digital camera shuts down

    My Kodak m1093is suddenly started shutting down immediately after powering on. Lens extends, camera dings, lens retracts and powers off. Anybody know a fix for this?
  16. S

    EasyShare m530 digital camera

    Where can I go to download software for EasyShare m530 Kodak digital camera.
  17. F

    My Kodak Easy Share V1253 Zoom Digital lens is stuck in position and will not retract

    . Camera will not turn ON - New Battery installed and charged - Camera engaged - still no lens retraction
  18. J

    can i use my computer to see my camera monitor, i've got a kodak easyshare m575

    can i use my computer to see my camera monitor, I've got a kodak Easyshare m575
  19. R

    How do I print for free from Hp laptop word to Kodak printer

    Wanting to print from my Hp laptop which is connected to Kodak wireless printer but says I have to buy a licence. How can I do this without paying? Printing from word pad.
  20. G

    Kodak M5350 Digital Camera

    I have an older Easyshare camera, but have not used it much since smartphones. It now has white lines like half of a box in the viewfinder, so it's hard to see what is in the picture you are taking. I just need to know if it just needs a new battery, or something else. BTW, the pictures on...
  21. R

    volume control on video

    How do I make the volume record/play with the video on my Kodak EasyShare Z700? Can't find anything on the Kodak site, not in my manual either. The manual points out the microphone location but that's ALL.
  22. L

    my display on my new kodak pix pro 421 is not working after the first use

    I just bought this new kodak pixpro AZ421 the first time I used it was great but when I turn it on now the display is not working any ideas?
  23. R

    Kodak C743 will not come on

    My camera will not come on even with new batteries - it will come on if I hook it up to the dock - anything I can do to fix it - I love this camera!
  24. M

    Kodak Pleaser Instant Camera

    Does anybody know where I can get film for a Kodak Pleaser Instant Camera?
  25. J

    Kodak Z740 Camera

    My camera powers up but displays an error message E21. I have attempted to identify the error but Kodak does not provide Tech support any more. Can I get my camera fixed?
  26. C

    what do i choose

    i am looking for a new camera as mine went out on me. i use my camera everyday. i am a mother of 3 boys. i need a camera that can capture those "kodak" moments of kids being kids as well as the action shots of them playing sports. i want something i can grab quickly and capture the moment when...
  27. D

    i have a kodak m340, i erased my sd card and now the camera says internal memory full and does not allow me to take pictures w

    Kodak m340 says internal memory full how do I empty it, I have changed sd cards and it still won't allow me to take pictures
  28. lizboyle93

    Why won't my Kodak EAsy Share C195 show up under "My Computer"?

    I'm attempting to access my Cameras Sandisk Card because I stored more than just pictures on it and my camera won't show up in the "My Computer" folder so I can get to it
  29. Darkrose

    Removing Kodak Easyshare leftovers... HELP!

    So every time I boot, I get a message about a bad link or whatever to Kodak Easyshare that I uninstalled months ago. I've tried the free tool Kodak made to remove it, and have used MalawareBytes, CCleaner, Spybot S&D, all with no luck... Searched for files manually and can't find anything...
  30. R

    I recentley had to set my computer back to maufacturing settings. I lost my Kodak easyshare. Is there any way I can retrieve m

    I had to reset my computer back to manufacture settings. I lost the Kodak easyshare i had installed on the computer. Is there anyway to retrieve my pictures??
  31. D

    Kodak Easy Share Installation Software

    Does anyone know if there is a compatible program that will work with Kodak Easy Share camera? The Kodak program is no longer available through Kodak or any other site. Thanks
  32. K

    wont stay on

    My Kodak easy share wont stay on how can I fix this problem I have changed the batteries.
  33. D

    kodak Z1275 now after 7 years giving trouble -- pictures not visible in the camera so it is not possible to take pictures ple

    Kodak Z 1275 purchased in 2007 was very good till first half of this year. it is giving trouble as while taking pictures the object is not visible and screen gives different colors and lines constantly moving. Dr A.S kapoor
  34. A

    my kodak camera locked all my pictures and it is only showing 2 of the pictures how do i get my pictures back?

    how do i unlock my pictures?
  35. P

    Brand new SD card won't work in my camera

    I bought a brand new 32 GB SD card for my Kodak digital camera. It's never been used but won't work in my camera. Am I suppose to do something to it before I use it?
  36. S

    kodak easyshare camera

    My Kodak Easyshare C 1550 won't turn on with new batteries.
  37. K

    My camera keeps popping up a message 'internal memory full', because of this I can't take any photos even with the empty sd ca

    My Kodak Easyshare M530 is showing ' internal memory full' and now won't function. I have an empty sd card in but still unable to take any pics. Anyone out there a solution please?
  38. M

    Antique Kodak Camera

    I have a Kodak No. 1 Autographic Junior Camera with a leather case in very good order. What is the value please?
  39. F

    Kodak No 1A Series III

    I have internet search w/o answer. Would like to know WHEN this camera was available, and original price. Also, IF it has a Zeiss lens would there be a "tag" w/serial number OR IF all Series III had Zeiss lens. I've only found lists with Series II listings
  40. L

    reformat the card

    I have a Kodak Easyshare camera I need to know how to reformat the card? Thanks Linda
  41. CherlynnLow

    Kodak Pixpro SP360 Shoots 360-Degree Video, Looks Like R2D2

    The cute little Kodak Pixpro SP360 packs quite the punch, recording 360-degree full HD video and is shock, freeze and splash proof. Kodak Pixpro SP360 Shoots 360-Degree Video, Looks Like R2D2 : Read more
  42. F

    Kodak doubt asking

    I Have kodak713 camera ,this isdoesnot turn off, what can i do?
  43. W

    Kodak easy share button has been removed since I installed Norton Anti-Virus.How do I enable this feature without rish to my

    I need assistance in reinstalling Kodak Easy Share button.This was deleted when I subscribed to Norton Anti-Virus.Message from Norton is that I put my pc at risk if I download and install feature.
  44. C

    i've always been able to transfer my photos from my kodak easyshare touch m577 to my computer. Even up till a few weeks ago. n

    cant transfer photos from camera to laptop
  45. S

    doubt ill get an answer but i need to find out whats wrong with my kodak camera .

    Okay so i turn it off now after 2 very long recordings which worked fine BTW. I shut it off and turn it on now and it only lights up for a second ,it flashes the reg screen for about a plit second. It then shuts off automatically.everytime. I cant get it to work at all. Can a quik shock to the...
  46. K

    print from samsung galaxy s5 to kodak easyshare printer dock e series

    How do i print from samsung galaxy s5 to easyshare printer dock e series
  47. M

    Kodak Z1015 IS camera; cannot upload to computer.

    I have a Kodak Z1015 IS Camera and the device was not recognized by my Window XP operating system. I added it to my system. I cannot find the CD ROM to reinstall the software and Kodak no longer offers a download. The memory card cannot be read by the computer. Is there any way to get the...
  48. C

    Kodak Easyshare Mechanical Problems.

    I Have a Kodak Easyshare camera. The Lens Will Not Stay retracted. I Power The camera Off And The Lens Will retract And Come Right Back Out. A Message On The Screen Reads " Lens Obstructed" And then Turns Off. Any One Know of the solution of this Problem?
  49. C

    Kodak Easyshare Mechanical Problems.

    I Have a Kodak Easyshare camera. The Lens Will Not Stay retracted. I Power The camera Off And The Lens Will retract And Come Right Back Out. A Message On The Screen Reads " Lens Obstructed" And then Turns Off. Any One Know of the solution of this Problem?
  50. A

    looking for a cable to transfer photos to computer for my Kodak c180 can anyone help me?

    cable for c180 Kodak to put photos on computer
  51. F

    Kodak easyshare c743 blue lines and areas error

    Hi, I'd want to buy a 2nd hand kodak easyshare c743 camera (year 2006) and I tried to test it. I'm completely stranger to this field so I'd want to ask you your opinion. I could test it only twice: by night in interiors with artificial light and I saw no problems; by day, in interiors as well...
  52. L

    my kodak camrea wont let me add pics to my computer

    im trying to add my pics to my computer but it wont let me
  53. C

    i have a kodak easyshare Z700 and won't work with windows 8

    how can I solve this problem, just went on a cruise and would like to download my pics? help?
  54. J

    How long will the camera take video

    How long of a continuous video will my Kodak Easy Share C 195 take ?
  55. J

    easy share software cannot be downloaded

    I have a Kodak Easy Share C195 camera, and bought a new computer using Windows 8.1. you can not download the software any longer, I was wondering if I use a Kodak R130 Reader for SD, if I could still save my pictures to computer?
  56. G

    Kodak EasyShare Import not All

    Dear Sirs, I have a problem with my Kodak EasyShare. Firstly, whenever I linked it to my notebook by the USB cable, only the latest pictures taken were transferred/imported to my notebook automatically, after clicking on Import. Now, whenever I link the Easyshare camera , whe I click on...
  57. R

    Kodak Easy Share z990 z981 hybrid?

    I purchased a used Easyshare as part of a lot at an estate sale. It has issues. The lens says it is a 30x zoom. It has no identifiable marks other than Kodak easyshare (no model/serial numbers) and the picture properties on my PC say it is a z981. BUT - a z981 has a 26x zoom, not 30x! Now, it...
  58. B

    I need to know how to order parts

    I have a Kodak camera there but the charger piece don't want to turn on when I plug it in who do I talk to
  59. C

    Kodak V1253 Shutter Button replacement

    Where can I get a shutter button replacement part for my Kodak V1253 camera ? This button fell off and I'd like to replace it. Kodak site does not seem to offer support anymore for this product.