Prioritizing multiple inputs, in a single output

Jun 29, 2018
I’ve got an old Aviation headset,and shorted but functioning Bluetooth headset. I was trying to figure out how to manage both inputs through the headset’s existing hardware to allow me the ability to use my phone to call into the smaller airports for clearances. A trrs 3.5mm female input could probably serve the same function and allow me to use the headset’s mic like a mixed headphone for my phone

I’ve done hours of googling and searching these forums but I guess it’s either never been done and documented online or I don’t know what to search for.

Essentially I want the original corded input to take priority through the headset’s speakers for FAA traffic and such. For instance, if I’m listening to music and there’s traffic on the comms I want the music to dim/pause while the transmission is broadcast. I don’t know how this would work or if I need extra hardware to manage the inputs. I know there are expensive dongles out there I can purchase that accomplish this same goal, but if I have everything I need already for little to no cost I might as well learn something and do it myself right?
What you are looking for is not simple, just because requirements are "vague". The box you're asking for needs to have following connectins:
- a jack to connect your existing headset;
- a similar cable to connect to your FAA radio;
- a TRRS cable to connect to your phone;
- and most importantly:
-- a way to decide whether to route phone audio, or FAA radio, to your headset;
-- a way to forcefully switch your headset' microphone / headphone between radio and phone so you can make calls;

This is not a simple device, with bunch of connectors and switches - there is plenty of electronics and intelligence inside. If you've found something on the market, and you need it, buy it.

And on totally separate account: I would not fly with you (or ride a Uber, for that same reason) if you will be listening music thru same headphones where FAA traffic is flowing.
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