Problem to switch on my nokia e63 caused by interrupted decryption


Feb 28, 2013
my phone failed to switch on and to show menu. How softly I can reset/factory setting without deleting data/memory within the phone. It was caused by interrupted decryption/encryption. When you switch on, start by showing the word " NOKIA" but it does not proceed to switch on. And you can not switch off on that situation until you remove the battery. I was encrypting/decrypting phone and memory card, but I inteerupted accidentally. After interrupting the process, I was trying to open menu but the message came that "no service" I think that. I decided to remove the battery in order to restart the phone, but unfortunately, the phone ended without switching on. Firstly, I encrypted memory card, and unfortunately did not see any data from memory. Then I was trying to decrypt in order to see the data, but I interrupted the process hence caused the problem


A factory reset is just that a factory reset and there are no levels. Unfortunately you seem to have created quite a mess and if I were you I would take the phone to the nearest phone store that you have cell service with and see what they can do. At this point if what's on the phone is very important to you it may be worth paying to have it restored without losing data. Naturatly you can remove the SD card when doing any recovery process so that what's on that won't get deleted.