Problem with aclu1/aclu2 motherboard please urgent help needed

Kanwar pal singh

Sep 28, 2016
Hello everyone. So here's the issue I have a Lenovo g50-70 with aclu1/aclu2 nm a271 motherboard. Yesterday sparks emerged from its power jack I guess some wire got into contact and after that when I checked a wire was broken so I soldered it again but I worry that I may have soldered in the wrong manner. Now whenever I try to start the laptop its power light blinks for a second and it turns of. After a while I discovered that a black chip on the motherboard heats up instantly when I try to start the laptop. By heating up I mean that I can't even put my finger on it without flinching. After checking I found out that the black chip is the keyboard controller ic. The battery also stopped working it only starts with the power supply. Please help me resolve this issue any help is appreciated.