Problems connecting laptop to tv through home theater receiver


Dec 31, 2016
Trying to connect my laptop to my LG tv through my Denon (AVS890) receiver using HDMI, however no picture. I connect HDMI from laptop to one of my HDMI Denon inputs, then my monitor out from Denon goes to the tv. With my old tv this setup worked fine. With new tv doesn't work, however all other devices work fine (bluray, cable, PS4). If I unplug HDMI from ps4 and plug in that same cable to my laptop no picture, plug it back into PS4 it works. If I plug my laptop directly to tv, works fine. Once I connect through Denon, no picture...gets more weird...if I unplug HDMI from new tv and use a different tv, picture is fine with laptop through Denon. Plug back into new tv, lose picture. Any ideas?
If your new TV is UHD 4k then your laptop may detect that and send 4k video to the receiver which it can't pass through. Set the laptop to output 1080p (which is the same as your old TV).