Problems with Nikon Image Space program


Album sharing in Nikon Image Space generates an error message; details unspecified. The error message requests to refresh the page, and when the page is refreshed, it is back to the initial stage (this part is normal for a refresh).

I have successfully shared albums using Google Chrome as the browser several times in the past; most recently in August 2015.

This time when Nikon Image Space generated the error message, I tried using Chrome, IE, and Firefox; all latest versions. I also tried this on a different desktop. Nothing worked this time.

Can anyone provide some suggestions?

Thank you in advance.



The free accounts assigns 2 GBs of space. I have a special account (for verified Nikon owners) that has 20 GBs of space. Verification is done by a USB cable connecting the camera to Nikon's website. I did not buy additional space.



Yes I am aware of this -

Does not apply to PC version.

All my albums are fine in Nikon Image Space. The problem lies in Album Sharing, which worked fine 6 weeks ago.

king smp

Jul 16, 2010

SInce it worked six weeks ago was there any change to your OS or apps.?
For example was there any flash updates,windows updates etc?
if you have system restore set up then you might possibly want to try restoring back to a point before six weeks ago if you are not going to lose anything important.
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