Question processor runs at lower frequency on charge


Aug 31, 2013

While playing games on charge I notice that my processor runs at only around 1.10 GHz but once I remove it from charge it seems to do fine.(at about 3GHz)

Because of this, games lag while the PC is on charge and is really irritating. Removing the charge does make it fine but is of no use since being a gaming laptop it can hardly last for about 20 mins.

I am totally helpless and I feel like I have lost money buying this laptop. I have looked up various solutions on the internet but none seem to work.

Please suggest remedies. Thank you very much.

Model: Asus ROG GL703VM
Processor: Intel i7-7700HQ
GPU: NVidia GTX 1060 6GB


Sep 22, 2019
I think the problem is that: if you did not tweak power settings in Windows (or any operating system you use), when you are on battery, the GPU runs on a power saving profile and it basically runs less powerfully (to be simple) than when you plug in the PC. When you plug in your PC, GPU goes on the max performance profile and, with that, heats up more. I think your problem is that, when your GPU heats up more, there is dust in the fan assembly, and/or your thermal paste is cooked and your CPU needs to be clocked on lower frequencies to keep up with the heat otherwise the laptop will just overheat. So, you can dissasemble your laptop and check for any dust that might have accumulated in there and change thermal paste if it is completly hardened. Make sure you seperate the fan and heatsink as most dust is hidden in there.
Did you see any signs of overheating or is the laptop getting really hot when you are using it ? If not, well I don't really know any other solutions. If yes, it is probably the cause I have described.
Please note that I am not responsible if you some how break your laptop while dissasembling it. There are probably some dissasembling tutorials on YouTube so take a look at them and be careful to disconnect the battery before doing anything when you're inside.
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