Processor Upgrade on Hp Pavillion dv6-6135dx ?


Oct 14, 2011
This computer has a great graphics card but I am disappointed with the AMD A8 3500m processor. A 1.5 ghz speed is not nearly enough for my needs and I would much like to upgrade it. Is this possible?


Nov 12, 2011
You should do more research before you spend money on a laptop. Research is free and easy and would have told you that this laptop has more video power than CPU power. Replacing a CPU in a laptop is complicated, voids your warranty, and require skill and patience to complete.


Feb 4, 2009
Do you really need to upgrade it? I have this laptop and I'm completely fine with the processor. Really, what are you doing that it's too slow for? And you can always Overclock it easily. Check my review thread for more information.


Oct 2, 2013
the cpu is easly overclocked if you know how to do it. ive used k10stat was able to lower all my voltages (which lowers heat output and increased batterylife) and from the 1.5 with 2.4 boost im at a stable 2.0 with 2.8 boost. I was able to un it over 2.5 with 3.1 boost but staying under 70c which is what I set as my thermal limit. there are step by step guides on how to overclock dv6-6135dx online. its easier then changing cpu. the biggest problem with a better cpu though will be more cooling issues. because I was able to run less voltage I betting on my cpu lasting longer then the original settings and I got more speed too. for example my highest state was oringally 1.375 at 2.4 ghz now im running 1.125 volts and 2.8ghz (less power more speed) results will very though based off of ur cpu.

attk mast3r

Oct 6, 2012
Having upgraded my laptop's processor from an i3-2350m to an i5-2430m it took a lot more than you'd be willing to put forth. You have to find one that:
- fits the socket
- is compatible with the chipset
- works with the motherboard (I didn't find this, I took the risk and it worked)
- does not surpass the thermal threshold of the laptop, meaning it shouldn't cause more heat then the laptop can handle

Then you must:
- know how to take apart and put your laptop back together without breaking it
- have an organized approach when going to replace it
- buy thermal paste
- know how to apply and how much to apply of said thermal paste

The socket seems to be FS1, but not 100% sure. This one MAY work for you, if it does it would be an excellent upgrade. It has a base of 2.3GHz and boost of 3.2GHz, should preform similarly to my i5 in single core applications and better in multi-core applications. An A10-5750M would be the best option if it works, only $140 on eBay.

If overclocking is possible it won't be easy, it will result in a quicker death of the CPU and may cause overheating issues. A mobile CPU shouldn't be overclocked, ESPECIALLY if it's in an HP that may suffer form cooling issues.


Oct 2, 2013
actually attk mast3r the A8-3500 is overvolted alot from amd. theres plenty of room to move up the freq without raising the voltage. and with the voltage the same the thermals don't change noticeably. actually if u don't overclock id recommend lower the voltages down to keep the labtop cooler and extend battery life. for example using default 1.5ghz voltage is 1.075 my cpu undervolt for 1.5 is .875. that alone takes 10c cooler and I have no system crashing issues. now each cpu is slightly different.

with temps not going over 70c on two hour testing 100% load on all cores. my values are set as
2733 1.175
2000 0.9625
1750 0.925
1550 0.875
1333 0.825
1100 0.775
875 0.7125
650 0.6625

defaults are (and when I ran the same test computer will hit thermal limiter before 30mins are up and shut down)
2400 1.3375
1500 1.0750
1400 1.0375
1200 1.0125
1100 0.9875
1000 0.9750
900 0.9625
800 0.9500

overclocking though not easy and can be risky can be worth the reward. and if you google it there are others out there with very similar results using the a8-3500
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