PS5 Pro — 3 features that will make the upgrade totally worth it


Jun 28, 2022
You mentioned at least 2 times that PS5 Pro won't perform up to the same level of the best gaming PCs. Sounds like you are not that informed. Games on PS5 run better that most PC games. Console games run better than the same games on PC. The performance on PC is horrendous for console games and the graphics aren't really any better. Elden Ring was trash in PC and amazing on PS5. The average person isn't going to pay 2k for a stupid video card that needs to be upgraded every 2 years. The PS5 has 120h gaming at 4k. It's fully capable of that. Console gaming is much better than PC gaming.

You're forgetting that console games are written for that specific console. There is just one setup of hardware that the programmers need to be concerned with and they can program to maximize the quality of the console game they working on.

PC Games do not have that luxury. Those programmers need to code the games for the very best PCs out there (or expected to be out there when the game is completed), but also for those PC gamers who do not have $2K to drop on a new graphics card every two years. Their games have to be exceptional on high-end PCs, but still playable on low-end machines. You're not going to make any money if you cater only to the high-end PC market and your not going to make any friends of the graphic card makers if you cater only to the low-end PC market.

Console games that are ported over to PC are always going to be terrible as they're basically just patched software to allow the game to be run on various hardware setups (both high-end and low-end). They're never complete re-codes.

As a lower-end PC gamer and non-console gamer (last console I played was the SuperNES), I can't compare the two, but you will get the same argument from both sides on which is better.

-Wolf sends