Putting my turntable far away from my receiver ? ? cable length


Jun 18, 2009
Hey all, I want to set my turntable up on the opposite side of the room as my amp, speakers, and other componets. I want to run the audio cable along the floor, over a doorway, around a corner, etc so I want it to be a relatively thin gauge as to make it low-profile. Will running a long audio cable (40 feet i estimate) from the turntable to the amp affect the sound quality much? I was thinking I'd get a spool of wire and put RCA connectors on the ends myself. What kind of wire do you recomend I use? Would regular speaker wire do?


The signal from the turntable cartridge is pretty tiny and even if it survives a long journey there may be equalisation effects and interference issues.

Solution is probably to buy a turntable cartridge pre-amp ( these are fairly common accessories as many new receivers don't bother with a phono input) and feed that into the receiver's line input (e.g. tape input).

To hook the pre-amp up to the receiver you'll need a stereo screened lead.

Speaker wire isn't screened so will produce a strong hum.
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