razer blade 14 vs asus rog zephyrus 1070


Nov 24, 2015


wondering if i should get the razer blade with the 1060 or splurge a bit and get the zephyrus with the 1070, laptop will be used primarily for school and gaming on the side as i have a dedicated rig at home. The asus has better screen/thermals/gpu but the main issue with the zephyrus is the battery life due to not being able to turn off the gpu; but to counter that, how often do you go somewhere that has no power ports. thank you for any and all opinions and i am open to suggestions.


Jan 9, 2013
I went down this same path and have bought several Sager/Clevo gaming laptops from xoticpc.com but always found the same issues with them all.

1. Weight: A heavy laptop is a laptop you won't want to use that often. At first you might but eventually the chore of lugging that thing around and then setting it up will outweigh most of your desires to game while on campus.

2. Battery life: If you have to be tethered to a wall, sitting places are limited. This was a bigger problem on my college campus than you would think. Lunch time and breaks between classes were tough to find a spot to sit with adequate table room to set up my 17" behemoth. Especially if you have friends with the same idea as tables become full fast.

3. Quality experience: I don't know what kind of rig you have at home but my latest and last gaming laptop had an i7 and GTX 970m in it with a 17" IPS panel screen. Not bad huh? Well the problem is when Witcher 3 came out. All I wanted to do with my free time between studying, work, and class was play Witcher. The issue was that I knew I was having a lesser experience for this great game when it should be viewed in the fullest beauty possible on my main rig. Eventually I stopped playing major titles on my laptop.

So my advice is to just get an ultra book. Hell, get the Razer ultrabook if you want something that can do light gaming, but the point is focus on the day to day functions of owning the laptop. Make it light, easy to get out/put away, and make sure its able to stay alive long enough to enjoy it. You'll be glad you did.

EDIT: looking at your links a little longer, they do fit the bill for light weight but I don't think they are worth that money seeing as they will age out in 2-3 years as battery life degrades and specs start to become relatively worse due to modern titles asking for more and more hardware resources.
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