Question razer hammerhead pro v2 not working on computer

Jul 15, 2019
so i recently decided to switch to using earbuds to game instead of a headset. i bought the razer hammerhead pro v2s because i have razer products and i like them very much. i have tried plugging them in (with adapter and without adapter)in every spot imaginable. they work fine in my phone, but it will only work in the speakers slot of my motherboard and both of the earbuds will only work if the jack is faced a certain way, anyone know how to fix it?


There is only one jack where your headphones would work in the motherboard, that speaker slot you are talking about. You did not list any details about the computer but most systems only have one audio out for standard headphone and speaker use, the others are for surround sound or inputs. If you have to move the jack around that shows an issue with the jack on the computer or the earbuds. For a computer with a mic in and headphone out you would need to use the adapter and make sure you have them in the correct sound card ports.

Headset is better for gaming anyway, the sound stage and directional audio would be better for almost all models.
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