RCA output to USB 2/3.0 PC input

Aug 19, 2018
I have a Yamaha MT3X Mixer with two microphones and I need to record music on my PC via USB 2/3.0, will a simple RCA to USB cable work?
Aug 19, 2018

Thanks for your response. What I didn't say was that my pC was in fact a HP notebook. I need to record a live band so the two microphone option on the mixer seemed good at the time but the only option to connect the two seems the cable but I don't want to fry the notebook in the attempt.
If you connect the mixer output to the input of the laptop you have to be careful with the level but it won't damage the laptop. Start with level low and bring it up so you recording level isn't way up.
What you really need is a USB audio interface with two mic inputs. You don't really need a mixer for two mics in stereo.
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