re heating reballing


Sep 8, 2012
I have done as the last person suggested to heat the GPU very high. I worked. after using it, turn it off, it won't turn on again. I didn't touch for a couple of weeks and did it again yesterday. it worked again. now this time the laptop is on and i will not turn it off.

my question what causes not to work after is turn off, this can't be the heat.

so laptop is still running and i will let just run that way. if someone has an idea as to why it won't turn on again after pc was turn off please let me know.

Rogue Leader

What happens is micro cracks form in the circuitry on the gpu form them getting hot and cooling off repeatedly. Reheating it helps to seal those cracks however its never really a permanent solution the metal is already thinned and weakened. Shutting it off it contracts and cracks again.