re-software-ing a crappy phone


Sep 1, 2013
Hello to all! Here is my debacle. I am stationed at the US Embassy, Iraq. One of my guards asked me to put some software on his phone, actually to put Android on it. Since I had helped another to upgrade their phone, he assumed I could help. Well, when he first gave me the phone I took it thinking it was an iPhone! I was thinking "cool finally get to crap one of these up". BUT, much to my (un)surprise it is a cheap knockoff.
Here is my questions. First has anyone out there in tom's HARDWARE land flashed, jailbroke, or whatever a generic iPhone with Android? If so, any tips?
Has anyone here on tom's HARDWARE removed all the software from a phone to start fresh, which is what I'd like to do.
Personally I have a Samsung SCH-i510 (older but still works like a charm bracelet) but I don't use it much overseas. Only for music during jogs and videos if I can get them! I really like my Android and all the markets out there. NOT an iPhone person, my wife is. OI!
Anyway, any help would be appreciated!