Reboot and select proper boot drive, load default doesnt work, HD dead?


Jul 29, 2013
Reboot and select proper boot device. Harddrive or something not so bad, or something far worse?
I Have a Asus-G73jh rbbx05, Im wondering if there is any hope?
I have had a lot of problems in the past months.

my battery died 1 year ago, i have no plans on buying a new one.

My computer sometimes wont turn on if it gets unpluged accidentally or power goes out, So i have to unplug power cord from the wall then plug it back in after 1 minute and it starts up fine.

About 1 month ago my computer froze with google chrome, i guess bitdefender was updating, My computer Blue Screened and then i first received this reboot and select proper boot drive. i googled around and found to f2 and load defaults and that fixed this problem, i blue screened on startup twice, then it loaded up fast and fine. i tried to do a chkdsk 1st time it said i had a bunch of unreadable files and comp powered off after 25 min, 2nd time bunch of errors and computer and comp powered of after 25 min, 3rd time worked (put a fan on my computer since this laptop overheats in safemode/ect.) it fixed a couple errors i defraged (19%)
Computer was fine it blue screened a couple times b4 the 3rd chkdsk worked, also bitdefender got corrupted i guess wouldnt install or uninstall and cntrl alt delete would blue screen me, i never tried to cntrl alt delete or mess with bitdefender since 3rd chkdsk.

anyway it was working fine faster than before, i was even playing aion max graphics while watching in the background np.

then all of the sudden while watching some tv on my comp, it partally froze when i alt tabbed it showed all 3 of my open tabs in those 3 little windows and the video was playing fine but the start bar was unresponsive. so after a couple minutes i held the power button and shut it off.

Then i got "reboot and select proper boot device" i tried the load defaults but that didnt help.

i know its too be expected for HD it to die after 4 years of 4-12 hours a day.

anyway is it 100% my harddrive and a simple replacement will have my comp running fine again, or something else.
If it is the HD would this be a good one/place to buy one
i was planning on building a desktop for like 3-4k in 5 months after im done moving around and i want to use this laptop for college purposes only at that point. So i dont want to spend more than 100$ on a HD.

Im not the most computer savy person, just a fyi. and thank you for your time.