Receiver recomendations .. (the dreaded thread?)



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Sorry if this bothers anyone.. I'd like to hear some 'real' opinions on
receivers that readers of this group use.

BTW, an excellent source on technical questions for me has been:

So here is what I have:

A newish Sony DAV-C990 6 speaker receiver that can deal with DD 5.1/DTS
DVDs well, but only offers stereo analogue inputs for external devices.

I don't have many DVDs, but I do have a netflix subscription. If you have
a DAV-C990, you probably know that they run hot and can over heat (and
do funky things) before a 2 hour movie is up.

My LD is a DVL-919 which has AC-3, PCM (coax), optical and left/right
stereo outs. I also have a pioneer demodulator, but no way to get that
output into the Sony.

The Sony does a decent job (especially for its price and the form factor
of its speakers). I'd probably be interested in either 1. getting a
newer system with a similar form factor that allowed for digital output
from the DVL-919 or getting a receiver to replace the DAV-990 reusing
its speakers and using the DVL soley.



Apr 15, 2004
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"RED MARTIAN "wrote:

> Sorry if this bothers anyone.. I'd like to hear some 'real' opinions on
> receivers that readers of this group use.


My setup:

Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXI
Amp: ATI 5906 (6 channel amp/bi-amping center, left and right speakers)
Speakers (front L/R): Legacy Focus 20/20s
Speaker (center): Legacy Marquis
Speakers (rear L/R): JBL Studio Monitor 4412
Subwoofer: Velodyne DD-18
DVD Player: Denon 3910
Laserdisc Player: Pioneer Elite CLD99
Turntable: Thorens TD-166 MkII
Monitor: Sony 40" WEGA KV-40XBR700
Headphones: Pioneer SE-DIR1000C Dolby Digital Surround Wireless Headphones

Regarding the Pioneer receiver, it's an ideal fit for me as it has a USB
port so I can hook up my laptop and a external hard drive which has 240GBs
of full bitrate WAV file music burned from my cd and album collection which
I can play like a jukebox through Windows Media Player. Also, the receiver
has a built in RF Demodulator for AC3 laserdisc playback and overall, has
excellent, warm sound and is extremely versatile.

I also highly recommend the Denon dvd player as it plays and outputs both
NTSC and PAL video without the need of an external video decoder and with a
Flash upgrade available at some online sites, can be made region free.
Basically, I can view any dvd from any part of the world. It also plays all
the audiophile formats like SACD and DTS audio.

My speaker setup is a bit of overkill considering the size of my living