Which second hand player? UK


Jun 9, 2004
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Hi guys,

Okay I'm in desperate need to save some space on my rack and it is
time to retire my 2 fully working LD players, both born and breed in
the UK:
- Pioneer CLD-2950
- Pioneer CLD-D515

I bought the 515 cheaply in order to get AC3 out, as my lovely Denon
AVC-A1SE supports it. Its sounds quite frankly bloody amazing!
However, the D515 lacks SVID out and to be honest the picture is not
great on my 29" Sony 4:3 TV which is also seriously lacking a decent
comb filter.

So I am asking for some advice. Should I:

1) Sell both players on here or eBay, and buy a newer player.


2) Sell the CLD-2950, keep the D515 and upgrade my TV to one with a
better comb filter.

If I should go for option 1 (which at the moment is the cheapest
option and possibly the only financial option open to me), should I
get a player like a 925, or would a combi unit such as the DVL-919 be
a better choice. I don't need DVD, just the best possible LD playback
I can get for the money, BUT I have heard the combi players are a
bitch for breaking down.

Any advice is much appreciated from the LD loving enthusaists on here.




Archived from groups: alt.video.laserdisc (More info?)

Would personally keep the 2950 and pop an AC3 output
on it.
The only better player will be a 925 and to be honest there
isn't much in it.It is marginally sharper but with that comes a tad more video noise.
Your only other option is to find an external comb filter(eg Faroudja VP100)
but they do not come PAL and NTSC,its one or the other or get one of each
as I did(the comb filter in my old Sony 29inch(KVG2915)was naff as well.
I think the 2950 is better built than the 515.
Will see if I can find the details of the AC3 i stuck on my 2950(I have a 925 as well)
but i seem to remember its not that difficult