Question Recent apps and back button not working. Detecting SIM when no SIM inserted, and more!

Feb 12, 2019
Hi there, I seem to have a few issues!

Firstly, my cat knocked my Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5) on the floor a few times, whilst it was charging. This damaged the charging port, and the tablet would no longer charge. I took it to a local repair shop, and they replaced the charging port. All was fine for a while, but soon after, the tablet started charging slowly again. I bought a new charging cable (Samsung) and tried that. Things went fine for a while, but then after a couple of drops on the floor, the charging port was stuffed. Sigh. I bought a new charging port from eBay, and fitted it myself. All was well after that.

Fast forward a few months, and I notice the battery is taking an AGE to charge (e.g. after 24 hours, it charged about 10%).

I just bought a new battery. Following instructions on YouTube, I removed the old battery 2 nights ago and inserted the new one. It seemed to be okay, but I then noticed that the 'Recent Apps' and 'Back' touch screen buttons on the front had stopped working. I got by that night by turning on the functionality from the Accessibility menu.

I removed the new battery and put the old one back in, to see if the recent apps and back button would work. When I powered the tablet on, it said 'SIM card detected. Restart your tablet'. I don't have a SIM card in it, never have. I'm wondering if the charging port has gone again; I also accidentally broke the little black 'clip' the holds the flex cable in place at the other end of the charging port. I put tape over the top, but not sure if it's holding. I don't think I can replace this clip without replacing the motherboard?

So, I have no idea what's wrong now. I'm torn between trying to fix it, or just buying a new tablet. any advice would be greatly appreciated, before I contact a repair shop. Thank you.