Recommend a Laptop


Oct 23, 2012
Hello everyone, :hello:

I am looking for a laptop under the budget of $850-$900(45,000-48,000 INR) intentionally for gaming.
The laptop should be under this configuration:

 15.6" Screen
 HD webcam
 5-6 hrs battery life
 500 - 750gb HDD
 As much RAM as possible for budget
 3rd gen Intel CPU i5 preferred over i3
 dvd rom multi optical drive

I have come with these two laptops



Now i would like to know that which of these two laptops is best over each other & by which reasons & by how much too.
I was thinking to buy acer v3-571g but when i read the reviews of its gpu it was really kinda low of.So please tell me that which of these two is suitable for me & if you know any other please recommend me it also under my budget.

Thank you all in advance :D


Mar 21, 2012
It all depends on what you want by "gaming"
the company i work at has plowed through so many HPs we will never touch them again. Based on that alone i would go with the Acer machine. We have had great luck with Asus, MSI and Acer.

You may want to browse a bit more For any mid ranged gaming I would defiantly get a 650m + or a 7750M + an A10 may also be a decent choice.