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Nov 23, 2010
Greeting Earth Clan,

Looking to research and shop for a modest 5.1/7.1 Living Room Home Theater set up - already have tv.
Not including tv, my budget is somewhere around $1,000-$1500 for receiver, surround speakers, wires/cables, and stands...

Where to find UNBIASED Audio Video, Home Theater Equipment resources for:
Reviews, Tests/Measurements, Comparisons, ect

Guides to product selection

Wide range of products per price points compared, tested and reviewed.
Decent testing methodology and results

Here's the key: For Modest consumer priced Equipment! Mid-Upper/Mid level stuff you'd buy from Crutchfield, New Egg, Best Buy....

Everything I've found is either:
- Cnet like reviews that are very (debatable) 'favorable' to highest bidder or select few mfr's that make equip available for testing... NEVER include hard testing/measurement data and charts. Just, "I liked this one the best" type stuff!

- Very Very high end Audio/Videophile level equipment that costs more than some cars and is based toward RICH people that have dedicated home theaters - not like most of our living room home theaters.

Thanks very very much for input and recommendations! :hello:
The reality is everyone is biased by the equipment they have been exposed to in the past as well as the opinions of others especially if they have not actually heard the equipment. You might not agree with their choice. Best way is to find a local dealer that can let you listen to speakers in two channel and judge for yourself which is to your taste. Then add the additional matching center (important) and rears (less important). If there is more than one good dealer in you area try them all. There is a lot of good stuff out there but it is hard to separate bad from good and good from great without listening yourself. A good dealer will advise you not sell you.
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